OUR PURPOSE: to find the most effective health care technology available and provide them to our patients so that they can receive the best results found anywhere. Moreover, our purpose is to provide these treatments with the highest level of service and to educate our patient so that the patient gets the maximum benefit.

Advanced Sports Care

OUR PURPOSE: Personal Physicians providing individualized care to the Professional Athlete, enhancing his flexibility, function and agility; resulting in increased body awareness, improved body performance and extension of his career.

Robert Lizana, D.C., Owner/Founder  
Specializing in the care of professional athletes, Dr. Rob has treated 290 NFL players from 17 different NFL teams from across the country, personally delivering over 7,800 visits to these professionals. 100% of the Pro athletes that he treats are from referrals by fellow teammates, team physicians, trainers, and coaches, all wanting to improve the overall performance and health condition of their fellow athletes. Dr. Rob has been caring for NFL athletes, predominantly, the players of the New Orleans Saints Team, regularly over the past 15 years, including their 2009-2010 Championship season. That year, he was brought to Miami to care for players the week of, the night before and the morning of their Super Bowl Victory.

In addition to players and coaches of the NFL, Dr. Lizana also treats professional athletes from the NBA, including the New Orleans Hornets, the Arena Football League, including the New Orleans Voodoo, the United Football League, Olympic Athletes, Olympic Wrestlers, Pro League Baseball players, Professional Ballerinas, and World-Class Musicians, Actors and Opera Singers. During filming of high-budget action movies being shot in New Orleans, Dr. Rob has also started taking care of the Professional Stunt Men, Stunt Women and Stunt Coordinators throughout the filming of their movies.

Dr. Lizana belongs to the Association for the Care of Elite and Professional Athletes, the Professional Football Chiropractic Society, State and National Chiropractic Associations. He is trained and certified in Active Release Technique and Graston Soft-Tissue Mobilization Techniques, which are used regularly with athletes to maintain the high level of function and performance that their profession demands. His interest and desire to advance his studies has taken him across the country to top specialists in their respective fields, to learn the latest therapies and nutritional advances.

Yours In Health,

Robert A. Lizana, D.C.
Robert W. Kelly, M.D.
Jeri L. Lizana, D.C.